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Looking for something fun & funky for the family room wall? If not.. Why not?! Paintings of pieces of fruit have never been conversation pieces and family pictures are just plain boring for everyone else (and lets be honest, they're not always flattering).

Why not do something different? Be unconventional, not traditional! Now! But how?? Not to worry, it's pet pop art to the rescue!

We offer an alternative art style featuring some of your favorite things - PETS! You do like pets don't you? If not, why are you here?
Unless you know somebody else who likes pets, and that's fine too because this is a great gift idea (besides,it's always good to surround yourself with people who have good taste)!

Visit the gallery to see our selection of hip & happenin' art
inspired by those wacky artist responsible for coining the term "pop." Pet Pop Art has combined their flair for fun with subjects that you will love!

So have fun when you decorate, and remember retro is in and puppies are cute!



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